Ronson Oil Column Heater 7 FIN – 1500W – NEW R7FCH17

Original price was: $149.00.Current price is: $50.00.

Ronson Oil Column Heater 7 FIN – 1500W – NEW R7FCH17

Original price was: $149.00.Current price is: $50.00.

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Ronson R11FCH17 Oil Column Heater helps you produce waves of immediate warmth cheaply and silently at lower energy costs.

What sized room is a 1500W Oil Column Heater suitable for? 
A 1500W oil-column heater is typically suitable for heating small to medium-sized rooms. The exact room size that a 1500W oil-column heater can effectively heat will depend on factors such as insulation, ceiling height, and room layout. As a general guideline, a 1500W heater can comfortably heat a room with an area of around 10 to 15 square meters (110 to 160 square feet).

Brand: Ronson

Model: R7FCH17

Weight: 13.1KG

Dimensions: 692mm Height x 350mm Width x 162mm Depth

Type: Column Heater

Fuel Type: Electric

Portable: Yes


Warranty:  One (1) year full replacement warranty. This product is for residential use only.

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What are the benefits of a Oil Column Heater?
Oil-column heaters have several advantages that make them a popular choice for many users. Here are some of the pros of oil-column heaters:

  1. Efficient and Even Heating: Oil-column heaters are known for their ability to provide consistent and even heating throughout the room. The heated oil inside the columns retains heat and continues to radiate warmth even after the heater is turned off, resulting in a more comfortable and lasting heat distribution.
  2. Silent Operation: Oil-column heaters operate silently, making them ideal for bedrooms, offices, or any space where quietness is desired. There are no fan or blower noises associated with these heaters, allowing for peaceful and uninterrupted use.
  3. Safety Features: Most oil-column heaters come with important safety features such as overheat protection and tip-over switches. These mechanisms automatically shut off the heater if it reaches a certain temperature or if it is accidentally knocked over, reducing the risk of accidents or fire hazards.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Oil-column heaters are designed to be energy efficient. The oil inside the columns retains heat well, requiring less energy consumption to maintain a desired temperature. Additionally, many models include adjustable thermostats and timers, allowing users to regulate heat output and optimize energy usage.
  5. No Dry Air: Unlike some other heating methods, oil-column heaters do not dry out the air in the room. This can be beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues or those who prefer a more humid environment.
  6. Portable and Easy to Use: Oil-column heaters are typically lightweight and equipped with wheels, making them easy to move around and position in different rooms as needed. They usually have simple controls and settings, making them user-friendly and convenient to operate.
  7. Versatile Heating Options: Oil-column heaters often come with multiple heat settings, giving users the flexibility to adjust the heat output based on their preferences and the ambient temperature. This versatility allows for customized heating to suit individual comfort levels.
  8. Durability: Oil-column heaters are generally built to be durable and long-lasting. The construction materials, such as steel or aluminum, are resistant to corrosion and can withstand regular use over extended periods.
  9. Suitable for Allergy Sufferers: Unlike forced-air heating systems, oil-column heaters do not circulate allergens such as dust, pollen, or pet dander, making them a suitable option for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.

When considering purchasing an oil-column heater, it’s important to choose a model that is appropriately sized for the room and meets your specific heating needs.

28 in stock

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