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If you’re looking for a washing machine for your home, you’ve come to the right place. With Sydney Wide Discounts’ selection of refurbished and new washing machine units for sale, you’ll surely find the perfect unit for your needs.

Our refurbished and new washing machine units for sale are covered by warranty. In addition, if you ever decide to buy a refurbished unit, you can rest assured that it’s been thoroughly inspected and tested by qualified technicians before hitting our showroom to make sure it’s free from issues.

To top it all off, Sydney Wide Discounts also provides professional delivery and installation services to ensure that whichever unit you decide to go with, it’s set up to work as efficiently as possible.

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What is a refurbished washing machine?

Refurbished washing machines are used machines that have been restored to perfect working order. When you get one from us here at Sydney Wide Discounts, you can be sure that it has been put through a rigorous refurbishing process that involves:

  • Professional inspection
  • Replacement of all faulty and worn-out parts
  • Cleaning
  • Thorough testing to ensure it works like new
What are the benefits of buying a refurbished washing machine?

The biggest benefits of buying a refurbished washing machine are:

  • Cost savings — Refurbished washing machines typically come at a fraction of the cost of brand-new models. This means you can get a good machine that suits your needs without breaking the bank.
  • Environmental impact — Going the refurbished route helps reduce electronic waste. Instead of going straight to landfills, refurbished machines are sent to new owners, which, in turn, promotes sustainability.
  • Access to higher-end models — The cost of high-end, feature-rich washing machines can often be prohibitive. Buying refurbished allows you to own more expensive models from higher-end brands at a more accessible price point.
    What are the benefits of buying a new washing machine?

    Of course, if you’re willing to shell out a bit more money to go the brand-new route, you’ll get to enjoy a different set of benefits, including:

    • Access to the latest models — Unlike buying refurbished which only gives you access to pre-owned machines that likely have been out in the market for a while, going the brand-new route gives you access to all the latest releases.
    • Longer warranty coverage — Brand-new washing machines typically come with a longer warranty coverage than refurbished machines. This means you won’t have to worry about spending money on repairs or replacements for much longer when you go the brand-new route.
    • Potentially better longevity — When you buy brand new, you get the machine’s full lifespan. Proper care and maintenance can mean years of flawless operation, thanks to the machine having no prior wear or tear.
    • Peace of mind — Buying new also eliminates any questions about the machine’s history. Since you’re the first owner, there should be no past problems or mishandlings for you to worry about.
    What is the warranty on refurbished washing machines?

    When you buy a refurbished washing machine from Sydney Wide Discounts, you can rest assured that your unit is covered by warranty. The type of coverage depends on the type of unit you decide to get.

    Refurbished used washing machines are covered by a three-month full replacement warranty. Refurbished new washing machines, on the other hand, are covered by a six-month full replacement warranty.

    Take note, though, that all our refurbished washing machines are meant for personal domestic use only. This means that using them commercially or outside the country voids the warranty.

    Visit our warranty page for more information.

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